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About WOUXUN Company

Quanzhou Wouxun Electronics Co. Ltd. was founded in 2000 in Quanzhou City, China for the express purpose of developing, manufacturing, and marketing the best serial wireless two-way radios and accessories possible. Wouxun products have been very well received throughout
the world for both their quality and price. we also supply product to others in the communication industry and welcome their enquiries .

Our company's motto is "quality first,customer supreme" , to our customer this means we have the most advanced production facilities in the industry and do the most rigorous testing for product quality in order to meet the ISO9001 standard. This ensures that Wouxun customers
will receive the best product available, at the best price possible, and in the shortest time imaginable. for our mutual benefit, we encourage
our domestic and international customers to visit our factory, advise on product needs, and establish a stable business relationship .

For channel partners who wish to promote their own brand, please refer to the OEM/ODM section for details. We are interested in
cooperating with OEM/ODM projects within our product range .

wouxun company
wouxun company
wouxun company
The Development Courses of Quanzhou Wouxun Electronics Co., Ltd.

*  Established "Quanzhou Kexun Electronics Co., Ltd”. The commercial license officially changed into "Quanzhou Wouxun Electronics Co., Ltd."    in 2002.
IN 2001~2006
* Produced the model "KG-6228" and "KG-3118" walkie talkies, and the watch style KG-3000, KG-4508 and other models.
*  Awarded the certificate of Users' Satisfactory Brand in 2003.
*  Successfully registered trademark in 2004.
*  Smoothly authenticated the 1509001:2000 Quality Administration System in 2005.
*  Independently R&D the first Two-way radio: KG-669E, and applied the Exterior Appearance Patent Certificate. The number of the certificate    is ZL200530136384.1.
*  In 2005, became the first council corporation in the Two-way Radio Association.
*  The first R&D radio KG-669E marketed successfully, and a great series of Two-way radios, such as KG-679E, KG-689E, KG-699E. KG-659E    and KG-639E came out in 2006 and with high reputations throughout the world.
IN 2007
*  Creatively marketed KG-689E. It is a dual channel/frequency, dual standby and dual display model, which made the application area for
    two-way radio much wider.
*  In the same year, accredited the Exterior Appearance Patent Certificate for KG-679E, KG-689E and KG-659E.
*  KG-639E, KG-659E, KG-669E, KG-679E, KG-689E and KG-699E were successfully authenticated by CE.
IN 2008
*  In January, the upgrade version of model KG-639E and KG-699E were launched to the market, which added some special functions based    on the regular version, included 8 groups scrambler, digital FM radio, inspection, stun, kill, monitor and emergency alarm functions, etc. All    the above additional functions without any extra fee. The multi-functionality and the excellent performance gained high reputations all
    over the worid.
*  KG-639E, KG-659E, KG-669E, KG-679E, KG-689E, KG-699E, KG-703E and KG-801E were successfully authenticated by FCC, the ID    number is WVTWOUXUN03.
*  Developed the first made-in-china handheld dual band transceiver KG-UVD1, with dual band, dual frequency, dual display and dual
    standby function.
IN 2009
*  In May, triumphantly marketed homemade dual band transceiver KG-UVD1, and gained great attention and reputation.
*  In June and July, attended the second and third meet for VIP about the Digital Transceiver Enterprise Standard Union and Technology    Discussion.
*  In July, duly developed the upgrade version KG-UVD1P, which added the CTCSS and DCS scan function, 1750Hz burst tone, DTMF    encoding, etc. It greatly pushes the dual band radio onto a top
*  In August, became the VIP for the National Standard Draft Organization in the Technical Request and Testing Means for Digital
    Two-way equipment.
*  Smoothly authenticated the IS0900T.2008 Quality Management System and ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System
*  In November. R&D new models KG-816 and KG-819, with special appearances and extremely nice hand-feeling, gained high reputations    throughout the market.
*  KG-UVD1, KG-UVD1P, KG-UV2D, KG-UV3D, KG-UV5D, KG-699E, KG-689E, KG-679E, KG-669E, KG-659E, KG-639E, KG-619, KG-703E,    KG-801E, KG-833, KG-816, KG-819 and KG-3000 were successfully authenticated by RoHS.
IN 2010
*  The handheld dual band transceivers were successfully authenticated by FCC, the ID number is WVTWOUXUN04.
*  R&D new products, including twin band mobile radio KG-UV920R, dual band handhelds transceiver without display KG-UVA1,
    model KG-869, etc.
*  KG-816, KG-819 and KG-869 were successfully authenticated by CE.
*  The handheld dual band transceivers were successfully authenticated by Canadian Certification, the ID of the IC number is
IN 2011
*  The handheld transceivers all successfully passed IP55 waterproof standard testing and the European REACH regulation.
*  R&D new dual band handheld transceiver KG-UV6D, which with 199 channels, 2.5KHz step frequency and other characteristic features.    Meanwhile, came out the new single band model KG-889 with dual frequency, dual display and dual standby function.
*  Two new FCC certificates were authenticated successfully:
   Dual band handheld transceivers, the ID number is WVTWOUXUN05.
   Single band handheld transceivers, the ID number is WVTWOUXUN06, models includes KG-816, KG-819, KG-829, KG-869, KG-889, etc.
*  Single band two way radios includes KG-703E, KG-639E, KG-833, KG-659E, KG-669E, KG-679E, KG-689E, KG-699E and KG-801E were    successfully authenticated by Canadian Certification, the ID of the IC number is 9253A-WOUXUN02.
*  Attended the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (both Spring & Autumn Editions) from 2006.

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