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programming software , use for
adjust two way radio settings
user manual , the pdf document
that radio function description
usb driver, it can reconize two way radio
when connected to computer
help documents, introduce how to use
radio and programming software
radio programming user manual driver software guide documents
two way radio Select The Two Way Radio Which You Want to Search  
List of All Available Files
File Content File Size Update Time
KG-639E/833/929 , 66-88MHz , Programming Software 1,294KB 2010-08-31
KG-703E(the popular)C2 Programming Software 2,698KB 2010-08-31
KG-689E/699E , 66-88MHz , Programming Software 1,268KB 2010-08-31
KG-703E/801E(the popular) Programming Software 1,395KB 2010-08-31
KG-689E/699E(the popular) Programming Software 1,268KB 2010-08-31
KG-689E(the popular)C2 Programming Software 2,700KB 2010-08-31
KG-669E/679E(the popular) Programming Software 1,258KB 2010-08-31
KG-679E(the popular)C2 Programming Software 2,698KB 2010-08-31
KG-659E , 66-88MHz , Programming Software 1,367KB 2010-08-31
KG-669E(the popular)C2 Programming Software 2,698KB 2010-08-31
KG-659E(the popular) Programming Software 1,366KB 2010-08-31
KG-639E/833/929(the popular) Programming Software 1,294KB 2010-08-31
KG-639E(the popular)C2 Programming Software 5,608KB 2010-08-31
Getting Ready to Program Tutorial 225KB 2010-08-24
Setting the Port Assignment Guide Document 344KB 2010-08-24
Installing USB Driver Instruction 237KB 2010-08-24
USB Driver Software for Windows XP and Windows 7 3,609KB 2010-08-10
KG-619 Programming Software 1,998KB 2010-08-02
KG-689E(the advanced) Programming Software 4,304KB 2010-07-28
How to Tell the Exact Configuration of the Transceiver 226KB 2010-07-20
KG-3000 Programming Software 336KB 2010-06-15
KG-659E(the upgrade) Programming Software 2,013KB 2010-06-12
KG-703E(the upgrade) Programming Software 4,311KB 2010-06-12
KG-703E(the advanced) Programming Software 2,006KB 2010-06-12
KG-659E(the advanced) Programming Software 2,002KB 2010-06-09
KG-689E(the upgrade) Programming Software 2,013KB 2010-06-09
KG-639E(the upgrade) Programming Software 2,013KB 2010-06-07
KG-679E(the advanced) Programming Software 2,003KB 2010-06-07
KG-679E(the upgrade) Programming Software 2,013KB 2010-06-07
KG-833(the upgrade) Programming Software 2,013KB 2010-06-07
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