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programming software , use for
adjust two way radio settings
user manual , the pdf document
that radio function description
usb driver, it can reconize two way radio
when connected to computer
help documents, introduce how to use
radio and programming software
radio programming user manual driver software guide documents
two way radio Select The Model(s) of Two-way Radio For Which You Would Like to Display Resource Information  
Two Way Radio User Manual
File Content File Size Update Time
KG-928 User Manual 11,077KB 2019-01-03
KG-UVN1 User Manual 19,625KB 2018-12-24
KG-D2000 User Manual 18,348KB 2018-12-08
KG-UV9K User Manual , PDF Document 19,855KB 2018-10-24
KG-988 User Manual , PDF Format Document 5,302KB 2018-05-30
KG-V55 User Manual 29,569KB 2018-05-15
KG-968 User Manual 10,378KB 2017-03-03
KG-958 User Manual 5,601KB 2016-12-23
Wouxun Tri-Band User Manual 26,974KB 2016-08-29
KG-D900 User Manual 11,726KB 2016-07-05
KG-D901 User Manual , D901-1612 28,961KB 2017-05-11
KG-828 User Manual 3,365KB 2016-06-30
KG-UV66 User Manual 10,044KB 2016-06-14
KG-889 User Manual 22,229KB 2016-06-10
KG-UV899 User Manual 19,040KB 2016-04-19
KG-UV9D(Plus) Folding Instruction 1,267KB 2016-03-01
KG-UV8D(Plus) Folding Instruction 1,201KB 2016-03-01
KG-UV9D(Plus) User Manual 15,261KB 2016-02-27
KG-UV8D(Plus) User Manual 26,421KB 2016-02-27
KG-UV9D User Manual 49,296KB 2015-11-21
KG-UV8D User Manual 16,491KB 2014-08-29
KG-UV950P User Manual 29,774KB 2013-12-24
KG-UV920P-E User Manual 10,525KB 2012-12-22
KG-UV920P User Manual 29,099KB 2012-12-22
KG-UV6D User Manual 19,931KB 2012-12-22
KG-UVD1P User Manual 16,436KB 2011-04-03
KG-801E(the popular) User Manual 13,450KB 2010-10-11
KG-833(the popular) User Manual 3,993KB 2010-09-23
KG-819 User Manual 5,297KB 2010-05-29
KG-639E(the popular) User Manual 3,991KB 2009-12-09
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